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5 Reasons To Ditch The Bucket For A High Pressure Washer

Posted by on Oct 4, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Many people who wash their own cars at home normally use a bucket and several refills of water to get the job done. This is all well and good because the car gets clean at the end of the day. However, if this is something that you usually do often, perhaps it’s time that you thought about getting a high pressure washer. So why make the upgrade? Find out below. Save water and conserve the environment Using a high pressure washer will allow you to save water by using less of it during cleaning. This is because high pressure washers administer water in a suppressed form. So even though the water is coming out of the hose fast, the total volume delivered is quite little. And because the water is under pressure, you end up using less to clean. A pressure washer will therefore allow you to save water and money. Dislodge stubborn dirt easily When using a pressure washer, dealing with stubborn dirt on your car is not a problem. The high pressure allows you to dislodge dirt easily, even from difficult areas such as the tyres, the mud flaps, the radiator and the engine bay. You don’t have to do all the hard work manually. Just be careful when washing parts like the radiator that you don’t get too close or spray at angle so you can avoid causing any damage. Reduce your car wash time significantly Using a high pressure washer to clean your car also allows you to save time. That’s because you don’t have to manually clean every inch of your car. You also don’t have to spend time on stubborn dirt as explained above. In fact, unless you have mud or dried stains on the vehicle, you can simply hose your car down with the pressurised water and call it a day. Reduce chances of scratching your car while washing Many times cars get cosmetic scratches not because of accidents but because the sponge or piece of cloth used is abrasive. Needless to say, this ruins your car’s paintwork. And in the end, it costs you to have your car repainted or detailed. Luckily, you can avoid all this when using a high pressure washer because water is not abrasive and will not leave any damage to your car at all as long as you wash the car carefully and avoid using a spray that’s too powerful. High pressure washers are available in different pressure ratings and power options. Plus, you can find some simple units that are not expensive. Make the switch and change how you clean your car forever. Besides, you can use the washer to clean other things...

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Understanding Important Differences Between a Strata Manager and a Property Manager

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When you own property of any sort, it’s vital that you maintain it properly and according to local laws and regulations. A guest or visitor who injures themselves on your property, or a resident who suffers an injury because of a poorly maintained rental property, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in liability claims. This is true even if you own property jointly such as with a condominium complex, as one resident being injured can mean that all owners are liable for damages. Hiring a property manager can mean alleviating the burden of having to maintain property yourself, but note a few differences between a strata manager and a property manager so you can determine the right choice and know what to expect from this professional. One owner versus several A property manager works for one individual; if you own an apartment complex or rental home, you would hire a property manager and they would take their direction from you in particular. A strata manager, however, works for a body corporate, meaning a group of persons who own the property jointly. This is vital to understand because having one person hire a property manager for a jointly owned property can cause a conflict of interests; that property manager is being paid by one person but needs to ensure the decisions of the body corporate are carried out, which can mean conflicting direction. A strata manager will work for, and is paid by, the body themselves; they carry out decisions made by votes, as opposed to taking direction from the one person who signs their paycheck. Peacekeeping One difference between a property manager and a strata manager, when it comes to working for one person versus several, is that a strata manager will work to keep the peace between owners of a property. When one person hires a property manager, they may communicate certain concerns of residents back to an owner, but the owner has the final decision about how the property is maintained. However, when there are several owners, there can be conflict about decisions. A strata manager will be better able to keep the peace between those various owners by suggesting compromises, various timetables so that everyone’s wishes are considered as the budget allows over time, and the like. Having a go-between for property owners so that decisions of the body corporate can be communicated by someone else rather than face-to-face can also help keep the peace between owners, and this too is part of the job of a strata...

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Self-Storage – Which Items Need to be Kept in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When exploring self-storage options, there are several very important considerations to take into account before making your decision. For instance, the length of time you plan to keep items in storage, the temperature and humidity of the local area, and the value of those items. While it can be tempting to cut costs and store all your possessions in one place, there are certain fragile items that may require climate-controlled storage.  Climate-controlled storage units are kept between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit ensure that the following items are not damaged during storage.  Wooden or Leather Furniture Both wooden and leather furniture react negatively to changes in temperature. Wood contracts and expands as temperatures vary from hot to cold, and this means your wooden furniture is at risk of damage if left for too long in a standard storage unit. The same applies to leather furniture. Too much moisture caused by temperature changes can discolor leather furniture and even cause mildew.  Photos and Artwork Those treasured photos and pieces of artwork are also susceptible to the climate outside. UV can penetrate standard storage units and cause photos and artwork to change color, damaging them irreparably.  Electronics In areas with extreme cold and heat, mechanical parts in appliances can crack or rust. Condensation forms inside appliances after a particularly cold night, and this can cause damage. Clothing Storing clothes in plastic storage containers can help fight off mildew, but if your clothes are stored for an extended period of time, your best chance of keeping them mildew and mold free is to opt for climate-controlled storage.  Business Documents Paper fades, becomes discolored and can even dissolve in fluctuating temperatures, due to the exposure to moisture.  Collectibles Collectibles such as stamps, comics, and coins can all be ruined by extreme temperatures and humidity. Coins will oxidize, stamps will fade and curl, and comics will fade and lose their color. Wine Wine needs a consistently cool temperature, otherwise it could spoil. Fluctuating temperatures will accelerate the ageing process of your wine, reducing its quality and giving it a metallic taste.  Though climate-controlled self-storage units are more costly than standard units, they are worth the investment if you are storing valuable or delicate items. In extreme temperatures, items can crack, warp or become discolored over time. Self-storage is growing increasingly popular in Australia, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a self-storage provider in your area. Once you find one, they will help you to decide what is best for you based on your items and storage...

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Why You Should Start Using a Fountain Pen

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

In the modern age of technology, handwriting is becoming a lost skill. Not only that, but the writing instruments have change dramatically. But that doesn’t mean old techniques are not still great. While not used as often, fountain pens still contain a lot of excellent benefits. Here are some reasons to start using fountain pens, like Lamy pens. They last a Long Time While fountain pens cost more when you first purchase them, you save money in the long run since they last longer than the traditional ballpoint pen. Fountain pens are made of quality materials that are meant to last many years. The better you take care of your fountain pens, the longer they will last. When you run out of ink, instead of throwing the pen away, you instead get an ink cartridge and add it to the pen. The ink cartridges also allow you to change the colour of the ink if you choose. Fountain Pens Are Easier On Your Hands If you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, a fountain pen can be a great asset. These pens have ink that flows easily when the pen is pointed down toward paper, which reduces how much pressure is needed to write with it. This reduces cramping of your hand and fingers and takes that extra tension off your wrist. Try writing for an hour with a fountain pen as compared to the same amount of time with another type of pen and you will notice the difference. It is also good for hands or wrists that are weak and can’t handle writing for long periods of time. You Can Improve Your Writing Style Fountain pens have a tendency to improve your writing overall. Not only because of how much easier they are to write with, but because you suddenly write slower and more succinctly. You also feel more confident when writing with a fountain pen, from the style the pen provides you, to the historical significance. All of these factors can help you take more pride in your handwriting and want to improve it. They are ideal for writing thank-you notes, greeting cards, and notes to friends or loved ones. They Have a Lot of Different Options You can find fountain pens of all different styles and sizes, providing a good option for every individual. If you are left-handed, there are fountain pens better suited for your style of writing. There are also different nib sizes and pen styles, offering different thicknesses in the shaft of the pen to fit your hand...

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Buying a medically inspired jewellery piece for a medical student or new doctor

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have a loved one in your life who has recently been accepted to or graduated from medical school, you might be contemplating what sort of jewellery to buy. Here are some things to contemplate as you choose a jewellery gift for them.  No intricate designs or dangling pendants Ties have been discouraged in medical settings for many years as they can be a catching point for bacteria. Dangling pendants and intricate rings and bracelets can also create a growing space for bacteria as they can be hard to fully clean and can accumulate dead skin cells, oils and bacteria which can be passed between staff. Instead look for smooth faced designs that sit close to the skin and are relatively easy to clean with soap and water such as plain wedding rings and flat studs.  Fun name badges Many doctors like to wear name badges to help introduce themselves to patient and staff members, as well as providing a fun touch of personal style to medical scrubs. Names badges that reflect the doctors passion — such as Star Trek themed name badge for a trekkie or a cartoon themed badge for doctors working with children. These badges can be a easy way to break the ice with people who are meeting you for the first time in a medical situation.  Antique options If your doctor or medical student isn’t working directly with patients, it can be interesting to look for antique options. In Victorian times many ‘memento mori’ styled pieces used skeletons or medical themed pieces such as sections of teeth and bone to create unique items to memorialise a loved one who had died. These can come off as a little morbid to nervous patients, so they tend be best suited to a research doctor! Medical themed items Another fun idea can be to choose a pin or other piece of simple jewellery that references the doctors favourite medical issue. This could be a pair of earrings shaped like a pair of syringes for a blood specialist, a stethoscope shaped pin for a lung doctor or a swirly intestine shaped bracelet for a gut specialist. Finding unique items like this may require heading to a custom jewellery designer and working on a design that truly speaks to the passion of your loved one. Medical school is an intensive and difficult stage. It’s great to reward a loved one for all this hard work with a unique or custom piece of jewellery that works for a medical...

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3 Ways to Secure Your Renovation Site

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are completing renovations in your home, you might be concerned about the safety of the construction site. When renovating a small space inside your home, it isn’t as much of an issue, since you have the same home security measures as always. However, major construction outside the home or a complete remodel might need some extra security. Here are some tips for securing the renovation site. Add Video Monitoring When you are working on major renovations of your home site, you can’t always be there to keep an eye on the property. In this case, it helps to have video monitoring. This allows you to view different parts of the construction site from your mobile phone or other device through a connected app. You will know right away if someone suspicious is on the property so you can call the local police to investigate it. You can also have an audio alarm installed so that if someone tries to open the front door of your home, an alarm will sound, and hopefully they will leave the property before taking anything or causing damage to the property. Keep the Area Lit The last thing a potential criminal wants to do is be seen when they are attempting to steal copper piping, construction equipment, or other materials from a renovation site. By adding lights to the area and keeping them turned on at all times, they might be deterred from entering the construction site. If you can’t keep all lights turned on at all times, consider adding motion sensors to the exterior lights. These will turn on as soon as someone gets close to the house, so hopefully they will leave before bothering with the theft. Even if they don’t, it becomes more obvious to neighbors that someone is there, and they might be able to call the police about a possible intruder. Put Up a Temporary Fence You may also have the option of putting up a temporary fence around the perimeter. This helps to keep all people out of the construction site during the day, evening, and over the weekend. You can choose from different fencing materials, like a metal chain link fence, fence with sturdy metal gate, or aluminum fencing. You can either rent one that is already built and simply installed during renovations, or you can have one custom-made. Since it will only be up for the renovations, renting one is highly recommended. You can hire a fence from a company like Aim Hire Pty...

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Three ways to improve your office printing practices

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Uncategorized |

With many modern office environments making the move towards a paperless system, now is the ideal time to evaluate your office’s printing practices. To get you started, check out these three ways your office can improve its printing practices. Go green  Improving the environmentally friendliness of your office’s printing practices will help save trees, energy and emissions while also saving your business money. There are a variety of ways that your office can make printing a more sustainable exercise, including: Using environmentally-friendly, soy-based ink Printing on recycled, chemical-free paper Using both sides of the paper for printing Reusing and recycling waste paper Reusing and recycling printer cartridges Purchasing printers with high energy efficiency. For more advice and assistance on purchasing recycled paper, soy-based ink or energy-efficient printers, contact your local printer service professionals. Preserve important documents Born-digital objects are inherently very fragile, as they rely wholly on software, hardware and storage media for ongoing access and preservation. While digital preservation is gaining popularity in larger organisations, many small companies do not have a digital preservation strategy that is actively practiced to ensure important data is not lost in the future. Without a concerted effort to migrate, refresh and correctly store digital copies, businesses and individuals alike are at risk of data loss for born-digital documents and files. Consequently, archiving of printed copies is still a viable, simple and cost-effective digital preservation strategy. If your office does not actively enforce a comprehensive digital preservation strategy and has no plans to do so in the near future, printing is the ideal way to preserve important documents in the interim. Conduct a print audit To improve your office’s printing practices, you should begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of current habits, equipment and machinery. As such, it is highly recommended that your office conducts a comprehensive print audit to highlight areas where environmental and financial improvements can be made. In so doing, you may uncover ways that you can reduce paper wastage, increase recycling, and create a more energy-efficient printing environment in your office. For an expert evaluation of your office’s current printing practices, it is highly recommended that you have your local printing service professionals conduct a print audit. They will be equipped with the current knowledge and skills to help your office achieve an ecologically and financially sustainable printing practice. For more information on how to optimise your office printing practices, contact your local printing service professionals...

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How to get your planned development project approved

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

For property developers and investors, the services provided by environmental consultants come in handy especially in construction projects. One of the most vital things an environmental consultant will do for you is to create an environmental impact assessment report for your planned development. This impact report evaluates the probable environmental impacts of your construction project, taking into consideration inter-connected socio-economic, human-health and cultural impacts, both advantageous and adverse. Evaluation of development impacts before implementing the actual construction is now an international standard. Read on for further insight. Purpose of environmental impact reports The purpose of this report is to safeguard the environment by making sure that the local planning authority when agreeing whether to approve a development project, which has considerable impacts on the land, does so in the complete knowledge of the possible notable impacts, and takes this into consideration in the decision making procedure. A chance to raise concerns and offer plaudits The public nature of the environmental assessment report means that interested parties are presented with the chance to raise concerns over the planned development and have them addressed. For example, if you are planning to build an oil and gas company, the public may raise concerns over the likely gas emissions in the area. In effect, public input will help raise environmental concerns for assessment and help prioritize mitigation measures. Moreover, if the proposed development project is bound to create employment opportunities for the people around the area and improve their socio-economic status, then this will also be captured in the report. Adopting mitigation measures Whenever serious impacts are identified, your environmental consultant can help you adopt alternatives or measures to avoid or lessen the supposed impact. Possible options may be redrawing the development space around sensitive regions, adopting a technology to reduce impact, or abandoning the planned development altogether. For instance, a planned floriculture project may raise issues of pollution to the local water resources. In effect, your environmental consultant can suggest an alternative that entails introducing a buffer strip of vegetation surrounding the ranch to filter out and kill any pollutants. With concerns raised over carbon dioxide emissions, environmental consultants can help you devise a carbon management system to cut carbon footprints. For example, the installation of dimmers on all your light fixtures. All these mitigation measures are captured in the final assessment report. Environmental impact assessment reports influence whether the local council authority will approve or decline a proposed development project. Only a professional environmental consultant can help you create...

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Is Your Swimming Pool Slowly Leaking Water Away? Find Out And Save Money

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Ask any pool technician, and they will tell you that many swimming pools have varying levels of leaks. This is not to say that your pool definitely has a leak, but chances are that there could be one. In that regard, you should ensure to have leaks traced and detected (if any) just to be on the safe side of things. In this article, find out why this is so important and how you can reverse the damage. Why check for leaks in your pool? Though a leak may seem small when compared to all the water you have in your pool, it should never be ignored. According to LivingWaterSmart, a leaking toilet can lose 200kL of water a year. Compare that to a pool, and it amounts to an even bigger loss. This lost water will then spread under the ground and damage any nearby structures you have, such as foundations or basements. When translated to money, a pool leak means you have to pay a huge bill of water; water that you never used in the first place. Common signs that show your pool may have a leak It’s hard to tell if there’s a tiny leak somewhere inside your pool. However, there are several clues that you can apply to tell if something is amiss. They are: Your pool water is draining much faster than usual. Your water bill has suddenly risen without any due reason. There are wet patches of concrete or soil around the pool. You have seen or felt a crack inside the pool. Of course, these are not sure signs that you have a leak on your hands. However, they are enough reason to warrant a leak detection exercise. How leak detection is carried out Leak detection is a scientific process that utilizes various fact-finding technologies such as thermal imaging, hydrosonic equipment, cameras, and hydrogen testing. Thermal imaging utilizes thermal cameras to check heat patterns around the pool. Hydrosonic equipment detects tiny sounds of water movement below the ground. Camera inspections entail use of surveillance equipment to check for cracks within the pool. With hydrogen testing, hydrogen gas is injected into the pool and a gas-detecting machine traces how the gas moves. If you suspect that your pool could have a leak, get a detection team to inspect it. You could save yourself a lot of money worth of lost water annually, let alone the repairs that may be required thereafter due to the subsequent water damage caused. If there’s any leak discovered, a pool technician can carry out quick repairs and plug the crack for good. For more information, contact Austin Waterproofing Pty Ltd or a similar...

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Could a Waste Management Audit Save You Money On Your Business Skip Bin Fees?

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Uncategorized |

 As a business owner, you already have 101 different things to occupy your mind during the working day, and what happens to your waste is probably not high on this list. However, you may be paying more in your skip bin costs than you need to, and which business owner is not interested in shaving the cost of their running expenses? A simple waste management audit will give you current answers about where your trash goes, and the results could be surprising. What is a Waste Management Audit? A waste management audit is the opportunity to gather all your rubbish in one place to find out whether you are disposing of it in the most effective way. For example, if your skip bin is being filled with waste that could instead be sold to a recycling agent, then you are paying for items to be hauled away that could be making you money instead. When it comes to performing a waste management audit, you can either hire an audit professional to do it for you, or you can train your staff to do it. Audits must be done in an area that is well-ventilated, and your staff must be provided with protective equipment while sorting through the trash. They will require, at a minimum, gloves, masks, and long tongs. Depending on the type of trash you have, they may need overalls to protect their clothes as well. To do the audit, simply stockpile all of the trash that would normally be placed into the skip bin in one area. Collect the trash for a sample period of a week or two, and then have the contents examined. How Can a Waste Management Audit Reduce Skip Bin Fees? It can be quite surprising to see what is going into your skip bin, and you can easily save money in a number of areas: Contaminated skip bin rubbish. If you are paying for a clean load of rubbish to be collected, such as bricks or tree waste, and your skip bin contains other types of items, you will be charged an additional fee by the skip bin collector. You can remove this extra fee by being 100% confident of what is going in the bin. Overfilled skip bin. If the bin is too full, the bin driver will have your staff remove trash until it is at a safe level for transport. This is a waste of working time for your staff. A regular audit will give you an indication about whether you need to change the size of the skip bin you currently use. While the weather is good, put together a waste management audit at your business to satisfy your curiosity about what is getting chucked out. You could be quite surprised how you can make changes that will benefit your bottom line after you’ve had a closer look at the...

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Making your timber floor as high quality as possible

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Timber flooring is a popular option for many different people with many different senses of style. A timber floor can add a natural texture in a minimalistic environment and further improve a rustic feeling in a home dominated by an antique atmosphere. If you want to install a timber floor in your home, the first thing you need to consider is what type of wood you want. However, many people consider themselves being done with picking after this choice has been made. To make sure you get the best possible timber flooring for your home, there are a few things you should think about when choosing what quality of wood you are looking for. The centre of the tree The most important thing when choosing wood quality for a timber floor is what part of the tree the boards are coming from. The centre of the stem is the piece where the best quality of wood is coming from, as it does not have any marks from twigs and uneven parts in the tree itself. It can usually also be cut straighter as it is more coherently straight from growth. This type of wood usually also have a more even colouration then boards that come from the outer parts of the stem. The downside of choosing these high quality boards for your timber floor is that it’s usually quite expensive. Therefore it might be good to know how to improve the quality of wood that isn’t the highest quality of wood to begin with. Sealing to create quality As the objective is to, as closely as possible, follow the qualities of the centre wood when improving the quality of other types of wood, the boards need to be evened out in colouration. The easiest thing to do to achieve this is to treat the wood with some kind of sealer or paint. Sealer will give the boards the same colour and also increase their life length as it keeps moisture out of the wood. Sanding the floor If you want to paint the wood to keep the boards looking coherent, you will need to sand it. Sanding the floor is also something that will make the floor look smoother even if you’re just looking to keep the wood its natural colour. If you are going to paint it, then sanding is vital to avoid uneven areas underneath the pain and also to not make the paint the form bulges on top of marks from twigs and branches. If you have timber close to the highest quality of wood with very few marks and an even colouration, sanding might be all you need to make the floor look like it’s the highest quality of...

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